Subaru Symmetrical AWD

Season changes are beautiful. But snow, rain and other conditions can surprise even the best planners and intimidate even the most adventurous. Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, standard on EVERY model, helps you overcome these circumstances.

How does it work?

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, unlike other AWD systems, is NOT based on a 2-wheel drive. It is a single unit, not an add-on, and less components mean less things to break down, and less power used to improve efficiency. Our system is almost perfectly symmetrical. With horizontally-opposed Boxer engine laying flat in the center, it provides you with exceptional side-to-side balance with low center of gravity for one of a kind responsiveness. The Boxer engine supplies adequate power to all wheels at all times. If a wheel loses traction on a slippery surface, the power is sent only to the other three driving wheels to keep the grip, preventing slippage before it occurs. Its simple and efficient design results in quick response and great handling.

Benefits of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

Maximum Control
Continuous distribution of power between all wheels proactively prevents slippage, decreasing the chance of sideways spin.


Maximum Traction
Every wheel has a sensor which allows the system to detect maximum traction points and supply them with the most power for improved grip during difficult weather and road conditions.


Maximum Balance
Symmetrical design of the power-train provides equal weight distribution of the vehicle with low center of gravity, improving cornering and handling, and decreasing a chance of a roll-over.

How does Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive compare to other systems?
Watch the video below!